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Please read carefully and adhere to established deadlines set forth in the Fair Calendar. Entries must be filed with the Entry Clerk as indicated on the 2024 fair calendar.


To accommodate our exhibitors, the Fair office will be open on the following dates and time to accept entries:



July 1th                         10am—5pm

July 2th                         10am – 5pm    

July 3th                         10am - noon

July 4th                         Closed

July 5th                         10am – 3pm

July 6th                          10am – 5pm


Exhibitors entering an item in the Jefferson County Fair for judging purposes must complete an entry form to include the following information:


  • Exhibitor’s name and address, telephone number, required signature

  • Department

  • Section

  • Class

  • Name of Article, animal or artwork

  • Entry Fee


All items being entered may be placed on one entry sheet. Indicate the entry fee in the proper column of entry form. (Entry fees appear at the beginning of each department). All entry fees must accompany your entry or it cannot be accepted.


The Jefferson County Agricultural Society reserves the right to restrict any person from entering in any or all competitive categories on the recommendation of a Department Superintendent when such person fails to live up to the standards and rules for exhibitors or for unprofessional conduct. The decision to restrict a person may be made by the Executive Committee or by the Board of Directors upon recommendation of a Department Superintendent.


Completed entry forms and checks (payable to Jefferson County Agricultural Society) are to be mailed to:


Entry Clerk

Jefferson County Fair

PO Box 8003

Watertown, NY 13601


Livestock exhibitors may reserve a camper/trailer area on a first come-first serve basis (based on receipt of entry form). All campers will be set in the YMCA parking lot with full 30amp hookups (including water, power and sewer) A $40 fee will be assessed for these spots.


The only exceptions to the placement of the camper in the YMCA lot is for exhibitors with children under 5 or with special needs. Please indicate your request for this space by a separate letter included with your entry form. No refrigerators or air conditioning will be allowed in this area. A $35 fee will be assessed for electricity.


Talent entries must be submitted by Tuesday, July 9, 2024.


Questions regarding entries may be referred to the Fair Office at 315-782-8612. Once an entry has been made it may be withdrawn, but no entry fees will be returned.  Additions or substitutions may be made via a CHANGE FORM available from the department superintendents at the beginning of fair week.


Each exhibitor will be assigned an entry number and entry tags will be available for pick up from department superintendents upon your arrival at each department. Please examine your entry tags for correctness at the time they are received.


No livestock or article on exhibition may be removed until 6:30 PM Sunday unless otherwise stated in a department. Any violation of this policy will automatically forfeit premium money.


Premium Awards

All premium checks will be mailed to exhibitors within two weeks following the fair, to the post office address provided by the exhibitor. Any exhibitor not receiving his/her check by August 1st should at once advise the Entry Clerk. Notice of errors or claims of shortage in payment of the premiums must be made to the Entry Clerk on or before September 1st following the Fair. After that date the Society reserves the right to decline to make corrections or adjust errors.


The Jefferson County Agricultural Society and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County are not responsible for errors, omissions, or unpaid premiums after September 15. No exceptions.


No Pets Allowed in Buildings or on Grounds


No Pets Allowed in Buildings or on Grounds

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